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I am truly honored to guide you on on your path to healing and transformation.

At Sacred Heart Clearing we clear away trauma, imprints, fears, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, grief, stress, and baggage that our bodies hold onto, which leads to whole mind, body and spirit transformations.


At Sacred Heart Clearing, we care for you on a deep heart felt level.  Our mission and desire is to cultivate the true heart essence in our clients by bringing them back into oneness and wholeness with their true embodied soul.  So many of us feel like we just go through the motions on a daily basis with no true connection to anything, we bring you back to your true authentic wholeness.  All trauma, addiction, heartbreak, and life issues are not only stored in the mind, but also resides within the body.  When the body is liberated from these chains, that hold us back, keep us stuck in the same repetitive loop and keep us from progressing, true whole transformation happens!!  Let us guide you through the labyrinth of life to find your true authentic being.

At Sacred Heart Clearing, we utilize various techniques and modalities such as Somatic Coaching, Angelic Reiki® Healing, Integrative Meditative Breathwork and Spiritual Guiding. 



"Carrie created such a safe space, as i normally don't release very easily (one of the things we're working on so i allow my feelings to emerge). Carrie integrated breath work to help move blockages and got my centers more aligned for flow. I felt my heart and mind was in better coherence, as my mind tends to want to take control. I'm celebrating Carrie for her loving, intuitiveness to be a vehicle for transmuting in a loving way. The world needs more Carrie Symes' gifts."

Lauren R.


A Little Message

"Flow like water, follow the bliss in your heart, follow YOU & never look back.  You have what it takes to do this, as this was written before you were born.  You were born to do this here, & now is the time that you will truly bloom.  Bloom, blossom and scatter your seeds to help others grow into their own divine self." ~ CS-HS


Through your OWN personal power, YOU are your own healer!

Let us hold a safe and sacred space for your transformational journey to discovering the heights and depths to reclaiming the Sacred Soul that resides within you!

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Reiki Treatment
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