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Sacred Heart Breathwork

What if you could release pain and suffering?

What if you could open your heart to give and receive more love?

What if you could let go of limiting beliefs that have you playing small?

Do you want to feel more empowered?

Do you want to feel less stressed?

Breathwork is an ancient technique that has been taught for more than a millennia. The power of your conscious breath has the ability to bring you peace, joy, connection and healing on all levels of your mind, body and soul.  
Your breath of life is the bridge that connects life to consciousness.  

Your body is wise in many ways that can help but also hinder you as you move through the world.  When you experience a trauma, that experience is imprinted within your muscles and within the nervous system.  You attempt to push down and swallow the pain and emotions from the event or experience, (which may work for a while) and sometimes even block out specific times of your life.  However, when you disassociate from your pain and emotions, eventually discomfort, disorders and dis-ease will begin to manifest within the body. 


Your body also holds onto any past life and generational trauma, that can have a direct impact on you in this life.  As you move through a session, past lives or glimpses may be seen in order to bring about healing in this life.  

The beauty of breathwork is that it has the ability to move you through your emotions and helps you process them. When you actively breath into your body with specific intentions true healing can happen! 


Angelic Reiki is woven into the session to bring an even greater amount of healing to you on all levels of your mind, body, and spirit.  


After the session you will leave feeling a deeply connection to yourself, a sense of true peace, empowerment, clarity, and refreshed! 


The music during the session is personally curated around your specific energy and frequency prior to the session.  

For in person session the following will be provided:
  • Yoga mat or Reiki table with the BioMat

  • Blanket

  • Eye Mask

  • Support wedge, bolster and pillows 

  • Water

For virtual session via Zoom it is recommended:
  • Wear Headphones
  • Blanket
  • Eye Mask
  • Set the camera up so that I can see you breathing
  • It’s preferred to be laying down, but as long as you are fully supported sitting is ok
For all sessions its recommended:
  • Have an open mind
  • Bring a journal 
  • Avoid heavy meals a few hours prior to the session
  • Make sure your phone is on silent
  • Come with an intention

Book a Session

Group and Corporate sessions available upon request.  Email for more details.


Laura L.

“I loved the gentle flow of the music and her welcoming voice together. The amount and quality of time she held for me was just enough for me to understand my parts and somatically connect and accept what was there. I felt much calmer and liberated more and more in the days after."

Celina D.

"Carrie has an incredible way of bringing ease to any situation. Her voice and musical choices are supportive and she is great about getting into an intention. She completely understood the feelings I was coming into the session with and set a great course for my session. It was exactly what I needed."

Alycia O.

“I appreciate Carrie's intuition (in the words she uses when guiding me and in sharing what was coming up for her after) -I love the music, it is always so perfect for what I am breathing into and just brings me so much further into the session, especially the last song with the visual of roots -I liked that Carrie helps me to experiment and push myself (ex: trying bottom hold, trying to allow myself to pick a breath pattern) but also checking in with me to make sure it is not too much. -I love how she gets my body to a place where I can get so much helpful wisdom from my body and I am really starting to recognize how that is different from thoughts. -I appreciate that she allows me to debrief shortly after it helps me to incorporate it all.”

 Kaitlyn M.

“IThat was incredible. I love Carrie’s energy. Her connection to the field is felt on a big level.
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