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Crossed Arms

Sacred Heart Dance


Somatic Dance is a powerful way to bypass the thinking mind & tap into the inate wisdom of the body. When we are embodied we can move in & out of exploring moments of intimacy & pure connection to our Sacred Souls. That leads to profound healing, greater insight & clarity.


Our sacred dance is based on somatic movement, free-form dance and conscious breath. Our sacred dance doesn’t have choreography or dance steps to learn, so there is no way to do it wrong. Our sacred dance is about healing and we explore that through somatic movement which means instead of thinking about how to move your body, you move from a place of sensation. We also weave in self-inquiry, ancient technologies & mind-body-energy practices.


Before we dance, we set intentions. We are going to cultivate lots of healing energy in our sacred dance and setting intentions helps to direct that healing energy into our lives and what we want to manifest.


At the beginning of the dance we drop into the body and connect with the earth. We ground ourselves before we begin to move and dance. The music begins slow and soft and may draw you towards the floor for stretching.


As the music picks up, we enter peaks of intensity, we cultivate our energy with powerful breath practices. We use sound to move energy as we release and let go into our dance. We will awaken the chakras and dance through the layers of elements including earth, water, fire, love, air, prayer, sound and light.


Once the dance is complete, we will transition to open shares if you feel called to share.


All is welcome here and you are safe to fully release and let go. You are fully supported by Carrie and the Angelic Kingdom of Light throughout the class, as Angelic Reiki is incorporated to fully support you.


For more information on Angelic Reiki click HERE.


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