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Navigating the Messy Journey: Trusting Your Body's Wisdom on the Path to Your Dreams

woman dancing with hand on her heart and solar plexus

Sometimes in life we feel as if we are moving through the thickest mud trying to get somewhere that we have dreamed of for so long. When we have deep desires that we have cultivated within our field, but we are still in the process of figuring out how to get to that other side. This can get messy and I mean really messy... You may go through little tantrums because you are not on the other side yet, but your body feels like it's already there. This is were we encounter deep duality with our dreams and the reality of where we are.

We have these aspiring dreams or goals and we set out on quest to achieve these goals. We trudge along the path and then we receive our first hurdle. For some this may be the thing that sends them back to the comfort and ease of life, others may totally clear the hurdle and some will just barely get over it. These are the moments were life either makes us or breaks us.

Right now I want to speak to all those that went back to the life of comfort and safety. Life is hard and some days are harder than others. I am not telling you to suck it up and do it, I am telling you that if you have this deep rooted goal that you want to achieve, your body's wisdom will guide you through the journey to get you to that beautiful goal. You hold so much wisdom within each and every cell within your body. My invitation to you is trusting your body to guide you to your desired destination.

Trusting your body can seem scary because we were taught to think with our brains and not listen to the cues that our body gives us. What if we just took a few moments each day to really listen in to what it has to say, it might really surprise you with what comes through. You may find that you have parts that want to hold you back and keep you safe, because it's just to scary.

My invitation to you is to listen to your body and it will guide you on the most beautiful path, if you just listen....

Blessings of Love & Light,

Carrie Symes

"The heart holds greater wisdom and resource than the head." - CS-HS

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