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The Story


Carrie Symes, had a vision during an Angelic Reiki session in late 2021 where she saw the most incredible healing space, community and retreat center shortly after taking Angelic Reiki 3&4.  She was also given the name Sacred Heart Clearing.  At the time Carrie had no idea what this all meant, but she felt the calling deep within her bones.  Within the next 6 months, this vision started to become a reality.  Things just somehow started to magically align.  A beautiful, sacred and magical property came onto the market in the spring of 2022.  Many elements that Carrie saw in her vision were here on the property, she also had dreams as a young child in which she now knows was here on the property.  Her and her husband Jeremy purchased the property and have been in the process of preparing it to fully support a large community one day.   Sacred Heart Clearing was officially birthed in August 2023, with small offerings of Angelic Reiki and the BioMat experience.



Carrie is a transformational leader with a heart centered approach.  Her drive and passion in guiding others to find and unlock their beautiful Sacred Heart within is one of her souls’ purposes.  She has a deep inner-standing and knowing that all your hearts desires are withing your grasp.  Wherever, her steps take her, transformation follows.  “Transformation isn’t always butterflies & rainbows, as most see as the end result.  Transformation is when we dig deep within, to unbury ourselves from all the layers upon layers of conditioning and who we were told we were supposed to be and finding who we truly are in the process.”  



She leads clients to amazing breakthroughs with her grounded sense of being.  Clients feel safety and security with Carrie leading them to deeper depths within themselves that they used to find scary or inaccessible.


Carrie is a natural energy alchemist in moving with the ebbs and flows of the energy within each session.  She follows her internal compass to guide her with moving stuck energy and allowing her hands to become healing instruments through the beautiful Light Language. 

Caroline M

“Carrie's presence was so powerful and beautiful and safe and supportive all mixed together. I loved the pacing and her presence and how she facilitated the session and allowed the exploration to flow.”

Carrie considers herself a life long student to learning and evolving.  She has completed various trainings:

  • Pause Somatic Coach

  • Somatic Movement and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator(coming soon)

  • Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner

  • Angelic Reiki Teacher (coming soon)

  • Pause Breathwork Facilitator (coming soon)

  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc. (Currently working on her Masters)

  • Certified Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

  • Metaphysical Practitioner

  • Ordained Minister

  • Spirit Releasement Therapy

  • Reiki Solas 3 & 4


I would like to thank each and every one of my teachers throughout this life and those in spirit.  Without teachers many things get lost and buried. 

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